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Pay your vehicle repair bills yourself, or...

Let Vehicle Assurance pay them for you!

3 Great Reasons to Protect Your Vehicle With Vehicle Assurance

Premium Vehicle Protection Plan

Vehicle Assurance gives you peace of mind by knowing that you will be protected when costly repairs occur and that your vehicle will be repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible. We specialize in offering dependable vehicle protection that picks up where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. Vehicle Assurance is your best choice to protect your vehicle with a new car or used car service plan today.

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Painless Claims Process

Vehicle Assurance keeps the repair claim process simple. Choose from thousands of A.S.E. Certified repair facilities across North America, then call your claim service number and a claim representative will take it from there. Your vehicle repairs are paid directly to your repair facility, saving you the time and hassle of waiting for reimbursement. Our goal is to get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible while minimizing the cost to you.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, and keeping our customers on the road, is our top priority. With thousands of satisfied customers on the road today, Vehicle Assurance provides the level of vehicle protection and service you demand. Our customer service representatives are always happy to help in any way possible.

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Protecting Your Vehicle is Sound Financial Advice!
Vehicle prices and the cost of maintaining and repairing your used cars, and new cars, has increased as steadily as automobile technology, and drivers are more dependant upon their cars than ever. A vehicle service contract is kind of like health insurance: the earlier in the life of your vehicle you purchase your protection the lower the cost will be to you. As your vehicle ages, the average cost of parts and repairs increase, but the cost of protecting your vehicle will remain the same with a service contract from Vehicle Assurance.    Learn More...

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